Welcome to Monterey is my 1st Documentary film and I enjoyed it all the way: Lauren Z. Ray


Director Lauren Z. Ray grew up in a small town called Logansport, Indiana. She enjoyed making videos as a kid with their family video camera and roping all her friends to be in them. After graduating High School, she moved to New York City to attend acting school at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. After completing the program, she then moved to Los Angeles where she was an actress in several t.v. shows and commercials. Stepping behind the camera for the first time in her documentary film ‘Welcome to Monterey’, she returned to her home state of Indiana to follow her passion to document her family and the small town they are from. She now travels the world full-time working as the director for a hit YouTube channel.

Q: You have done a great job with your Feature Documentary Film “Welcome to Monterey ”. Would you like to say something special about “Welcome to Monterey”?

‘Welcome to Monterey’ was such a special project to me because since 1845 my family has lived in that same small town. I was able to document what made this town so special and learn more about my family history.


Q: Would you like to share your profile details with our readers? such as your educational background, birth city, and country, etc?

Born in Indiana, United States. Attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts & New York Film Academy.


Q: Tell us about your inspiration as a filmmaker?

I loved documentaries growing up. I love the fact that they deal with real people and/or real stories.

Q: When and how did you begin your filmmaking career?

I’ve been filming things since I was like 8 years old, but this is my first feature-length film.


Q: How many Music films have you made, and which one is your own favorite?

This is my first film, and so it is my favorite! 


Q: Tell us something about your experience with your 1st ever film project, isn’t it a very special thing to remember forever?

I loved how I followed a passion and did it. I learned so much while doing it, I am glad inexperience never held me back from trying.

Q:  How would you describe work as an independent filmmaker, isn’t it more challenging?

I think both have their challenges. What I love about being independent is being able to do exactly what you want, when you want it – without approval or permission.


Q: What’s the most exciting thing for you in filmmaking?

Building a story or seeing a story unfold. Filming documentaries is like that – you have a feeling where the story goes but then new information surprises you. It’s ever-evolving, and I just love that. It’s so exciting to see where it takes you and what you learn.


Q: What projects are you currently working on? And what are your future plans in the industry?

Right now I am working on a new documentary about my time as an actress in Los Angeles and about the theater program in my hometown and how it impacted my life.


Q: Where can our readers and followers follow and see your film work?

Instagram – @laurenzray @welcometomontereyfilm

Join my Newsletter for Updates here: https://www.laurenzray.com/films

Welcome to Monterey website – https://www.welcometomonterey.com

IMDB – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5484217


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