Wait, Lorenzo!

Two sides of one coin–one young, another aged; one impulsive, another likes everything planned out; one honest with everything he says, another careful with his secrets and his queer identity.
The story unfolds in the beautiful summer of 1994, when a retired art history professor, Lorenzo, moves to a tiny town near Syracuse, NY. where he meets Luke, an unexpected young towner who just buried his father. The hidden truths stir up changes in everything. Things start shifting before neither realizes it.

Vincent Shukai Wang, Director
Ran Shan, Writer
Beiyi He, Producer
Shukai Wang, Producer

Key Cast.
Yu Lu “Lorenzo Luo”
Troy Tripicchio “Luca Bianchi”
Christian Carrigan “Andy”
Director Biography – Vincent Shukai Wang

Festival status: Winner, Best LGBT FILM.


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