Simone, a young drug addict from Turin (Italy) has only one goal: cut back from cocaine, and be as free as the seagulls he watches gliding over the Po river.
He wants to be clean, stay clean and rekindle his relationship with his mother.
He wants to be the nice guy he once was before he got entangled in the drug world.
Simone is convinced that his strong willpower, together with his passion for playing the sax will assist him in the arduous journey away from addiction.
He cuts his ties with Daniele, his drug pal, and roommate, and finds a job as a saxophonist in a Jazz Club in town. He seems to be heading straight.
But he’s still indebted to the drug lords who ruthlessly threaten him.
He is scared and time is running out.
In order to glean the amount he owes he sells his father’s watch and resorts to mugging women at night.
‘Just one last time – he thinks while attacking his last victim.
But he has not predicted a circumstance as remote and dramatic as the one he meets on that night in the dark outskirts of town.
Maybe that was really his last time.

Festival Status: Winner, Best Actor Short Film.


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