Trapped Inn

An American cycling team gets trapped in an isolated lodge during an altitude training camp in the remote mountains of Europe. After members of the group mysteriously disappear and news breaks about an insidious virus ravaging the world, two rivaling teammates Connor and Greg clash as they fight for survival. Tensions flair when Connor begins developing feelings for Greg’s girlfriend Andrea and the team coach suffers a nervous breakdown. A love triangle complicates an already uncertain future. Stranded and with food supplies dwindling, they all must work together in order to make it out alive.
Director: Leah Sturgis
Writer: Leah Sturgis
Producer: Leah Sturgis, RJ Collins.
Key Cast
Matt Rife
Robert Palmer Watkins
Brielle Gearson
Brian Gross
Jaylen Moore
Ricky Brown
Festival Status: Winner, Best Woman Film-maker.


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