They called us ‚Krauts‘

“Conflicts are brewing around the world. The great powers like Russia or China and USA must pull together, otherwise, it will be over ….!”
Bernhard Fuchs was born in 1929 and active as a child and teenager with the “Jungvolk”, a pre-stage of “Hitler Youth”. He was enthusiastic about it, absolutely wanted to go to war, and was also present at the ski jumps in France. The end of the war protected him from going to war. Much later did he realize the manipulative techniques of the Hitler regime to prepare children and young people for war. In the oral history documentation, he tells about his experiences and his current perspective on this history.
Director: Sina Seiler
Writer: Sina Seiler
Producer: Oliver Langewitz
Key Cast
Bernhard Fuchs
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Documentary.


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