Loveline and Anthony are experiencing a hard place in their hitherto sweet romance. Loveline is borderline depressed and is experiencing a gouging ache at the sight of her baby. Anthony decides to seek the help of a therapist.
The sessions start opening even Anthony’s closet and gradually lead to a two-way need for self-examination and mutual support as the only way to beat the devastating secret that is killing their relationship.
In this journey, the only thin thread that is holding them together is the baby who seems to be the problem and solution.
Director: Anurin Nwunembom, Musing Derrick
Writer: Forkwa Babila, Anurin Nwunembom, Musing Derrick
Producer: Sakah Antoine, Ermelinde Simo sakah jing
Key Cast.
Richard Mofe-Damijo “Mr Lima”
Ireti Doyle “Dr. Benedicta”
Ermelinde Simo sakah jing “Mrs lima”
Alenne Menget “Max”
Lucie Memba “Mrs Dora”
Syndy EmadeKey Cast“Laura”
Festival Status: Winner, Feature Film, Best Actor Feature Film, Best Actress Feature Film, Best Director Feature Film.


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