The Stranger Within

“The Stranger Within” movie is about the well-known psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan’s famous Lacanian notion of ‘la petit à’, where the “big Other” controls our actions and passions and restricts our longings. In this movie, a woman suffers deeper depression and neglect from her husband and her depression and loneliness lead to hallucinations when she hears a song from a stranger one night, and she starts to believe that song is meant for her and that someone is really wishing for her. The short film aims to depict her journey from this time in her life and how this song and the stranger eventually in her life become something she resonates with within her own self.
Director: Shemy Deepak
Writer: Shemy Deepak
Producer: Shemy Deepak
Key Cast
Lafia Sebastian
Deepak Edappara
Avery Mickalide
Tina Jojan
Tony Jojan
Festival Status: Winner, Best Editing Short Film.


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