The Requiem Boogie

A middle-aged former child actor has been in deep grief and isolation over the death of his movie star Father when an increasingly surreal bunch of rascals show up at his house to convince him to participate in a reunion show of the long-ago sitcom he starred in. The experience further blurs his ability to distinguish between reality and fiction, real life and screen life.
This film is part autobiographical from filmmaker Jordan Walker-Pearlman and details some of his own memories and experiences with his co-parent the actor Gene Wilder, and their brief time as a family with the late Gilda Radner. It was filmed in the house they lived in which Jordan bought back from Elon Musk, and contains many mini-tributes, references, and interior memories to Gene’s life and career.
Festival Status: Winner
1. Best Feature Film
2. Best Director Feature Film
3. Best Actress Feature Film
4. Best Actor Feature Film


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