The Race To Save…

The Race to Save The World follows the passion and commitment of regular everyday people who are devoting their lives to fighting climate change. They are climate change activists from all walks of life, from ages 16 to 72, risking prison time, their families and relationships, and even their lives to make their voices heard. The subjects in this film aren’t putting their heads in the sand or waiting for someone else to do something, they’re in the trenches doing anything they can to try to turn this around. Where most climate change films tell people how bad things are and how much worse they will get (all true) and try to frighten people to get them involved, the subjects in The Race to Save The World will inspire viewers with their unwavering determination to do all that they can to fight for a livable future.

Joe Gantz, Director
Joe Gantz, Producer
Patrik Thelander, Chris Soule, Cinematography
David Gantz, Editor

Festival status: Winner, BestFeature Documentary.


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