The Point

32 years after her first season as a Counselor in Training, an alum returns to the grounds of the summer camp now celebrating its 80th anniversary. THE POINT is a paddle through the pond of memory. A film that invites you to explore the bonds, initiation, connection, continuity, and self-discovery that occur in the special community that is summer camp. It’s a testimony to the passing of the flame from adolescents to their future adult selves. THE POINT is the cradle of our character.
Director: Andrea Malloni
Writer: Andrea Malloni
Producer: Andrea Malloni
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Documentary, Best Woman Film-maker.

Director Biography!
Andrea Malloni
Andrea launched Fiat Lux Foundry in 2019 with a focus on poetic, reflexive, and narrative documentaries; intimate personal diaries brought to life on film. She is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa where she studied both Journalism and English Literature. Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, she currently resides in Toronto. Her first film “La Vida Es Un Carnaval (The Search for Happiness in Havana)” won critical acclaim at film festivals around the world.


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