The Ocean of…

In the 1960s, food shortage is worsening in rural villages somewhere in Asia. A young educated female Vivian and a young farmer Sean are living with Sean’s aged sick mother.
The young couples feel helpless with the food shortage. Vivian wishes to take Sean to the city for a stable life, while Sean insists that they cannot abandon his aged sick mother and look for a better living. Sean hopes the family can walk through the hardship together.
The clock was ticking because the Central Government will soon issue orders to suppress escape attempts. Meanwhile, Vivian’s body is getting nausea and her mind is getting anxious.
Sean’s mother passes away out of a sudden, two young couples hold a simple funeral and start on their journey to the city. The couple’s sorrow and regrets in the past are yet to be explored in the journey…
Director: Lau Tin Yam
Writer: Wo Cheuk Ma, Lau Tin Yam
Producer: Oonagh Chan
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Film



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