The Laws of…

This story takes place on Earth 150 million years ago. At that time on Earth, various aliens were living in harmony by accepting each other under the God of the Earth, Elohim. However, one day, a huge meteorite flies toward the earth at high speed. Before the meteorite hits the earth, a female soldier from the planet Vega, Yaizaer comes and she narrowly protects the earth from destruction. It was actually a plan to annihilate the earth by Dahar, who is from the dark side of the universe… What will happen at the end of the battle for the survival of the Earth that involves the entire universe?
Director: Isamu Imakake
Writer: Sayaka Okawa
Producer: Ryuho Okawa, Kaoru Ota, Hisaaki Takeuchi, Yoichi Utebi
Festival Status: Winner, Best Animated Film


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