The Last Mink

Due to the fear of a new mutation of covid-19 in mink in Denmark, the government decided to cull all mink in Denmark within a short time period in the fall of 2020. Denmark was until the episode the world’s largest mink fur producer. The decision received harsh criticism after it was revealed that the government did not have the legal authority to cull all mink.
This movie follows the Sørensen-family in Northern Jutland during their last days as mink breeders in November 2020 and portrays how a family profession during two-generation comes to an end in a matter of days.

Jóhann Thór Haahr Hansen, Director
Andreas Kjærgaard Wielandt, Director
Andreas Kjærgaard Wielandt, Writer
Jóhann Thór Haahr Hansen, Writer
Andreas Kjærgaard Wielandt, Producer
Jóhann Thór Haahr Hansen, Producer

Festival status: Winner, Best First Documentary Film.


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