The Jewels of the…


If an enthralling, compelling, and riveting documentary that takes you on an awe-inspiring journey is what you are seeking, then look no further than The Jewels of the Salton Sea.

Learn about the many Jewels of the Salton Sea and how VITAL it is to our planet. Researcher Grace Vitali shares her experience of traveling to the Sea. It’s a long way from China to the Salton Sea says, Grace.

This documentary features many vital interviews with extraordinary and inspiring people and a special guest star appearance by the incredible actor and poet Michael Madsen.

The Jewels of the Salton Sea, directed by Steven Vitali and Narrated by Michael Madsen. The film supports the Salton Sea by showing the beauty and the life that surrounds it.

This movie is an exploration that takes you along the Pacific Coast, to the town of El Centro, California, near the U.S – Mexico border. This film delivers in epic proportions footage and interviews that are breathtaking, heartfelt, and full of life.

Steven Vitali: Director, Writer

Grace Yang Vitali ,Michael Madsen, Bruno Rosato: Producer

Key Cast

Grace Yang Vitali:  “Herself ”

Michael Madsen:  “Himself ”

Festival status: Winner> Best Editing Feature Documentary


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