The Harvest

Mahmut is an old man who lives in the village of Niğde and whose only source of income is his garden. But now he is too old to cultivate his garden. Mahmut’s only relative in this life, his son Rıza, is in prison for a crime he did not commit. Mahmut desperately writes a letter to his son and explains the situation.
Rıza, who is very upset that he can’t do anything under the circumstances, takes advantage of the crime thrown at him and prepares a clever plan to help his father.
Director: Omer Faruk Yardimci
Writer: Omer Faruk Yardimci, Ilter Aykac
Producer: Ilter Aykac
Key Cast.
Metin Coskun “Mahmut”
Inan Ulas Torun
Hazim Kormukcu
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Film


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