The greedy

It’s the late 90’s. Summer is flourishing, and the vegetation thrives in the glorious countryside. It is a place with an unassuming existence. The two brothers Oscar and Mikael run their farm alone since their father died a few months ago, their mother died when they were young. The family changed when the mother died, the father became hollow and more and more silent as the years passed. Oscar is saddened by their father’s death, meanwhile, Mikael is focused on taking care of his younger brother. He is looking forward but seems colder than ever before.
Their childhood friend Irma is visiting the village and they have not seen each other in ten years. Irma and Oscar quickly begin to remember back to when they were children, but Mikael is busy taking care of the farm. One evening, the family’s lawyer visits the farm and shows the father’s will. The lawyer wants Oscar to attend the meeting, but Mikael insists that he only speak to him. Apparently, the father has donated the farm to Oscar while Mikael does not inherit anything. Mikael gets upset and asks the lawyer not to tell Oscar and the lawyer reluctantly agrees. But the lawyer’s conscience is fragile, and he has a hard time keeping this secret. Oscar and Mikael are inviting neighbors and friends, including Irma, to their annual family celebration.
During the evening of the celebration, the truth comes out and the brothers’ relationship is up for a test. Oscar and Mikael later realize that the guests are greedy when they are wondering if they also are mentioned in the testament. The brothers later reach the realization of leaving the farm behind for a while. They want to get away from grief and cherish their relationship as brothers, which is the most important. It is a film about friendship, sibling relationships, and a family story that takes place in the beautiful nature of the Swedish countryside.
Director: Jacob Martin Eugen Munkhammar
Writer: Erik Olof Selander, Julius Åke Wadman
Producer: Sass Åke Edvin Wolgers, Erik Olof Selander
Key Cast
Sass Åke Edvin Wolgers “Mikael”
Erik Gustafsson “Oscar”
Jane Smith “Irma”
Johan Duner “Sture”
Stefan Lundaahl “Axel”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Drama.


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