The Families Feud

Mob boss, Angelo D’Angelo (John Fiore) is dodging hitmen around every corner as he and his comical crew of good fellas battle rival mob boss, Sonny Green (Artie Pasquale). To make matters worse, some of Angelo’s henchmen are taken hostage by a bungling bunch of Hillbilly Bigfoot hunters. The feud escalates, as does the lunacy and laughter, with Angelo struggling to save himself and his own “family” from both Sonny and the sneaky squad of Squatch hunters.
Director: Stew Replogle
Writer: Stew Replogle
Producer: John Replogle, Stew Replogle, Bruce Soscia
Key Cast
John Fiore “Angelo D’Angelo”
Artie Pasquale “Sonny Green”
Paul Borghese “Mario”
Tony Darrow “Nicky”
Federico Castelluccio “Rider of the Valkyries”
Deborah Rennard “Stella”
Al Sapienza “Giovanni”
William DeMeo “Vinny”
Joseph D’OnofrioK “Rocco”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Best First Feature Film, Best Director Feature Film.


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