The end of…

The song ‘La fine del mondo’, on which this video clip is based, was written in the month of March, at the beginning of the confinement period for the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a liberating scream that summarizes with irony and sarcasm the elements that characterize the decline of modern societies and, more generally, the degradation of the world in which we live. The song wants to make us reflect on the role and responsibilities we have as human beings, towards others, nature, and the world in which we live. The video, shot in Brussels in November, describes the day of a person who experiences confinement in an alienating way, passing from one frustration to another to indicate the failure of the globalized and consumerist society and the loss of freedoms. The clumsy and vain attempts of the protagonist to keep balance on the gym ball that symbolizes the fragile balance between man and nature seem to be of no avail. But the final verdict is still to be written and in the last scene, the video suggests the rediscovery of the awareness of the beauty of the world as a keystone to review our attitude towards others and nature and, in doing so, to rediscover ourselves too. In the middle of the video, the jellyfish appear, majestically indifferent, to remind us that they were here long before us.
Musica e parole – Stefano Cinti
Direzione Montaggio e Realizzazione – Marco LoCurcio
Sceneggiatura – Marco Locurcio e Stefano Cinti
Attori – Guido Castellano e Stefano Cinti

Festival Status: Winner, Best Music Video



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