The Egg

A man takes a deep breath and wakes up in a cave, not knowing what happened to him. The cave’s surrounding wilderness is distressing and grey. Trying to realize how he got up here, he drags himself to the cold water in the middle of the cave trying to refresh himself. At the other side of the cave, a vivid picture of nature is been revealed to him, followed by sounds from the outside living world. Wildlife in the cave follows him every step and the accompanying bizarre sounds make him feel uneasy. Not able to leave this limbo, all of a sudden the voice of God comes his way and step by step God’s contour as well, not showing His face, providing him with information about life’s crucial moments that leaves him utterly speechless. In a few moments, God sends him toward the cave’s exit into a new form of life.

Andrej Dojkic: Director
Andy Weir: Writer
Andrej Dojkic: Producer

Key Cast
Andrej Dojkic “Man”
Ross Huguet “God”
Andrej Dojkic: Screenplay
Dario Bajurin: Director of Photography
Dusan Maksimovski: Music Composer
Boris Krstinic: Art Director
Festival status: > Best Actor Short Film


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