The Blue Pleated Skirt

A film based on the true story of a boy at a water conservancy vocational school in Beijing in 2021. He yearns for independence and freedom, he wants to embrace himself, but one after another, he becomes irritable, doubts himself, and even has thoughts of lightening his life. The appearance of another man seems to give him a ray of hope, but the sudden death of his aunt immediately afterward knocks him into an endless abyss as he tries to redeem himself and redeem his broken soul.
Director: LI Jie
Writer: PENG Lehan, LI Jie
Producer: JU Dongjing
Key Cast
WU Xianyu “LIU Jiahao”
DENG Qixin “Xiang Yang”
Festival Status: Winner, Best LGBT FILM.

Director Biography!
I am Jay, director, producer, and photographer a graduate of the Communication University of China. I have been involved in the production of many literary films including “Lanxin Grand Theatre”, “Dinner in my hometown”, “The Legend of the Young Ambulance”, and my short film “Rag Doll” was selected for Cannes Short Film Corner, Cross-Strait Youth Short Film Competition, North American Youth Film Festival, and other film festivals. As my first feature film debut, the film “The Blue Pleated Skirt” took more than a year of preparation before it was completed. I believe this film will bring me good luck!


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