That Fight MV

Music video to the song “That Fight”
Director: Marléne Alpglöd
Writer: Marléne Alpglöd
Producer: Marléne Alpglöd
Key Cast
Pontus Gottfridsson
Jessie Zaar
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Music Video, Best Male Model Music Video

Director Biography!
Marléne Alpglöd
Marlène Alpglöd read TV production specialist at GTV Gamleby 2021-2022. Since 2021.
She has been a screenwriter, directing and producing minute films, music videos, and short films, among them Nuvarande och Före Detta (2021), Den Striden (2022), a music video for a song she herself wrote in 2018, Tänker på dig (2021), a music video for artist Leo Hertzberg’s song and Tham Sway – Personal Portrait (2021).
In 2022, Marléne made her short film debut as a screenwriter, director, and producer for the film Akuten /Emergency Department.


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