The Indian film industry has mostly portrayed the transgender community in a cliché comic & negative light. In international movies & documentaries, “the world of the Hijras was described as a trans-utopia, where gender differences are celebrated & even revered. What we need to gauge in the depiction is the fact that most of the Hijras are maligned in real life & are mistreated every day of their lives. Many are forced to beg & make a living by sex work. The first time a real biopic film on transgender made in Odisha.
A film is a real-life event. It’s a biopic and Real life story of Meghna Sahoo India’s first Transgender Cab driver and social activist. A real inspiration to the transgender community and to the global community.
Director: Jitesh kumar parida
Writer: Jitesh kumar parida
Producer: Jitesh kumar parida, Jitendra rai
Key Cast
Debashish Sahu
Hara Rath
Usasi Misra
Festival Status: Winner, Best LGBT Film.

Director Biography!
Jitesh kumar parida
Prior to film productions, Jitesh Kumar directed and produced many Television commercials & documentaries for Ministries and numerous clients. His recent Stint with Urvashi Rautela for an Ad Film as a director. Also, he has done commercials for Haier Appliances as a writer-director.


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