SunShine Moon

The Chinese Sun (Ding Ding) and the Korean Moon (Jinseung Moon) meet at a language course in Heidelberg. As Moon remains without a room Sun helps him. They accept the proposal of a sinister pub owner, who offers them a place to stay. In return, they have to deliver mysterious boxes. Their courier service leads them through the narrow alleys of the romantic city center, as well as through a dreamlike, summery landscape. The magic of this place increasingly captivates the two protagonists and finally blurs the line between reality and fantasy.
Director: Carlo Avventi
Writer: Carlo Avventi, Anja Avventi
Producer: Carlo Avventi, Anja Avventi, Servet Akgöbek, Andreas Meves, Shahbaz Noshir,
Key Cast.
Ding Ding “Sun”
Jinseung Moon “Moon”
Festival Status: Winner, Special Award


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