Stranger In Th Woods

Stranger In Woods

Adam Newacheck, as director, and Holly Kenny, as a writer, made the phenomenal thrill movie Stranger in the Wood. It shows that friends could not just be the solution; they could also be the real threats sometimes. The movie is produced by Kyle Newacheck and Jonas Dolkart.
After surviving a traumatic event, Liv’s friends take her on a weekend trip to the woods. When her dog suddenly disappears, the relaxing weekend begins to unravel, as does everyone’s sanity.

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Olivia, who is the darling of the audience in the movie, and her four other friends, Sam, Branden, Lian, and Theresa, arrived at the cabin of Sam’s brother Clayton. Clayton seems like a very hard and conservative person. When they arrived at the cabin, he made an objection to Olivia’s dog, but then he allowed it with Sam’s interruption.

All of a sudden, Olivia’s dog went missing, and she started suspecting that Clayton was the one who took it away.
Later, a friend of Olivia’s got murdered, but no one knew about that; they just thought he had gone missing or perhaps gone back.
The situation built up thrills, suspense, and drama. Olivia learned the secret that all the wooden houses had been camera controlled and had been spied on by Clayton.

The movie reached its peak climax with all these events, but the anticlimax was even more dramatic when the rest of the friends left the place and Olivia and Sam decided to stay at the house. Later, she found out that the stranger beast was not Clayton but her close friend Sam.
Sam tried to kill her too, but with the help of Clayton, she survived, Sam killed Clayton, and he himself got killed by Olivia while defending herself.

All the actors played tremendous roles and showed perfect teamwork; the cinematography, lighting, and editing looked amazing. Adam Newacheck, as the director, did a film that deserves high appreciation; Holly Kenny, as a writer, did an outstanding job; as Olivia, Kolly Kenny did great with her acting skills.

Stranger in the Woods competed at the Sweden Film Awards in several categories and won the following six!

  1. Best First Feature Film
  2. Best Director Feature Film
  3. Best Actress Feature Film
  4. Best Actor Feature Film
  5. Best Supporting Actress Feature Film
  6. Best Cinematography Feature Film


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