Sound of the Shadow by Gairah Praskovia


The animated short talks about the real pandemic experienced in Spain since 2020. The whole world is suffering from an economic crisis, but also a health crisis in the field of mental health. Sound of the Shadow is the reflection of pain, anger, frustration, and the blood of thousands of people who suffer mentally, many of whom commit suicide, and people who suffer from mental disorders. (Synopsis)

Sound of the Shadow is a short animated film directed by Gairah Praskovia. In her movie, she tried to paint the effects of the Pandemic. As a writer, Gairah narrated convincingly the growing stress and inferiority complex amongst the masses due to the pandemic isolation. Overall, it is a good animated film.

The animation quality is up to the task, and the selection of the animated shots perfectly supports the subject of the movie. The background music, shot selection, and sharp editing make the movie more like a video game and keep the audience connected to the subject.

Gairah Praskovia

The COVID pandemic was a horrible time for the world; it took many precious things from us, took our loved ones, troubled our economy, and somehow grabbed our freedom. Gairah beautifully shows in her movie that everyone has been forced to carry medicines; somehow, it gives the audience the feeling that people have been forced into the vaccination process.

And the suicide numbers in the movie reflect the stress and anxiety that people have been through during the pandemic, particularly during the quarantine.

Sound of the Shadow participated in the Sweden Film Awards, and it was declared a winner in the Best Animated category.


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