A self-hating narcissist pauses his suicide to fall in love with a better version of himself. Based on the book SKAT by Sara Sepulcri.
Director: Michael Boston
Writer: Sara Sepulcri, Michael Boston
Producer: Michael Boston
Key Cast
Michael Boston “Skat”
Shannan Leigh Yancsurak “Lei”
Heidi Luo “Dr. Lee”
Festival Status: Best Drama

Director Biography!
Michael Boston
Michael is an actor/writer/director/producer originally from the Midwest, with a reputation for taking chances – penning the controversial feature film Little Boy Blue in 1997 and after a long break, returned with the daring short Dress Rehearsal in 2017. He continues to test different genres with his first romantic comedy Jesus Rides A Harley in 2019 and delving into dark comedy with 2021’s Velvet Crush. SKAT (2022) marks Michael’s first adapted screenplay of the 2019 book of the same name.


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