Serpentine Pink

A dark surreal experience. A first of its kind, a vortex of a lesbian John Waters film meets Yellow Rose meets early Almodóvar on a Lynchian-induced trip to the Mojave desert. Serious Lost Highway vibes!
Set in the desert-weird wilds of Joshua Tree, California, Serpentine Pink is a distinctively visceral and surreal independent, female-centric film that digs into the various and rigorous ways a heart heals from trauma. Inspired by France’s Grand Guignol style of horror theatre, and utilizing a lyrical language both visual and verbal to capture the strange poetry of the Mojave land and soundscape, Serpentine Pink follows a reclusive biker woman and her John Wayne-obsessed exotic dancer lover’s disturbing fallout after a violent acid attack. An ethereal psychic and her aspiring shaman companion converge with supernatural forces in an attempt to confront and then heal the women’s – as well as their own – deep-rooted, personal pain that comes from trying to break the cycle of possessive love.
Director: Vivian Sorenson
Writer: Megan Breen
Producer: Ron Hanks, Larissa D’Andrea, Megan Breen, Kristin Condon.
Key Cast
O-Lan Jones
Sabina Zuniga Varela
Kristin Condon
Joy Nash
Michael Harris
Festival Status: Winner, Best LGBT Film.


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