Recuerdo de Travesía

Recuerdo de Travesía is a documentary feature film that explores the Argentine musical tradition through the people who live out its Folklore daily and the environments in which it is developed. In order to talk about Argentinian Folk, it is necessary to get to know its interpreters, those who carry on the knowledge and whose lives are pervaded by an intimate relationship to folk music. The documentary brings us in contact with four musicians and their private lives, often connected because they inhabit the same village. Menor, Marcelo, Beto, and Dalmazio guide the viewer through the music they play every day, the history of the village, and their personal lives, hosting us in their homes and meeting in various locations, which provide the background as well as the container of their Folk traditions.
Director: Elia Misesti
Producer: Elia Misesti
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Documentary Film


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