Raft Paddler

“Raft Paddler” is a captivating non-fiction documentary that delves into the remarkable life of Zhang De Bao, the last of the sheepskin rafters. This documentary is an unfiltered journey, capturing the raw beauty of life and genuine moments. Over a span of 26 minutes, the film elegantly weaves together a few days in the life of our protagonist, Zhang De Bao, painting a vivid picture of a man who’s spent 50 years drifting on a river, his memories etched into his very being. “Raft Paddler” beautifully balances the present-day story of Zhang De Bao with a heartfelt exploration of the years gone by, hidden beneath the lines on his face. This documentary artfully captures Zhang De Bao’s actions and conversations in his unique environment. The emphasis is on realism, with a rich tapestry of sounds and visuals that speak to the heart, with no narration needed.
Short Documentary


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