Quiet Moments

Anne has been living on Cora’s family farm for over a year and the two have become incredibly close. Cora is becoming increasingly stressed about the farm’s deteriorating financial situation. Anne tries to be supportive and find ways to help Cora but her efforts are futile against Cora’s stubbornness.
Cora grows frustrated and storms out, leaving Anne to contemplate alone. The fear of losing the farm, and ultimately Cora, soon becomes too much and Anne leaves to get some air. Cora returns to apologize but panics when she can no longer find Anne. The two are reunited and Cora apologizes. They embrace in the light of the sunset gently, accepting their fears and choosing to move forwards together.

Lucy Birnie: Director,  Writer
Arran Day: Producer

Key Cast
Heloise Lowenthal “Anne”
Georgie Dixon “Cora”

Blue Irvin: Production Designer
Tom Glover: Director of Photography
Tom Allen: Sound Desgin
Adam Saxton: Editor

Festival status: Winner> Best Director Short Film


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