As the country fights an invisible enemy, two immigrant brothers Zugu and Manhe suddenly find themselves face-to-face with the virus, and Zugu must make fast decisions to save a life
Director: Sanelle Sibanda
Writer: Sanelle Sibanda
Producer: Sanelle Sibanda
Key Cast
Justin King “Zugu”
Kaleb A Roberts “Manhe”
Dania Denise “Amanda”
David Kline “Teemothy”
Sonia Sawkar “Kaniz”
Chris Nile “Liam”
Eunice Romeo “Lovey Dovey couple”
Robert Mom “Lovey Dovey couple”
Musafiri Kayambi “Rideshare driver”
Aaliyah Sibanda “911 Operator”
Lindani Sibanda “Zarah”
Sanelle Sibanda “Husband”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Covid-19 Film.

Director Biography!
Sanelle Sibanda is an independent filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed several feature and short films. His first feature film “GENERATION NOW” premiered at the 4 Star theater in 2008, was selected at Cinequest Vuse Audience Film Festival, and can be found on Netflix. His second feature film entitled “IF THE SHOE FITS” premiered at the Embarcadero Cinema and at Shattuck Cinema and was selected at the Oakland International Film Festival. He also produced “My Gift” a film by Sage Drake that was nominated in several film festivals and was the associate producer for “Julie and April” a film by Numael Hernandez. His recent feature film “ZOLA” is a foreign film about a poor boy in a remote village in Africa who is devastated when his father leaves to work in South African mines. The situation gets worse when his mother dies of AIDS. Zola is forced to live with his uncle, a mean, poorest subsistence farmer, a man who lives alone and drinks too much. Zola’s life takes a dramatic turn, one full of obstacles when he auditions for the dance competition. All he needs to change his life is a miracle.
In addition, Mr. Sibanda has filmed the first lady Michelle Obama, corporate training videos, infomercials, Opera performances, Music videos, World music and Jazz festivals, Documentaries, Training videos, Construction projects, American Constitution Society, and other special events.
Earlier in his career, Mr. Sibanda was involved in the theater where he made significant accomplishments in performing, producing, directing, and writing plays. He also writes children’s books that can be found on amazon.com.


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