High School faculty members gather for what is supposed to be a fun, intimate evening. The eccentric crowd seems to have nothing in common, but as the drinks flow, their interwoven lives bubble to the surface. Deception, trauma, and crime begin to root themselves as these “role models” prove that everyone has something to hide…
Director: Logan Alexander Mitev
Writer: Logan Alexander Mitev
Producer: Kevin Eade
Key Cast
J-C Roy “Ken ”
Olesia Shewchuk “Carmen”
Paige Gibbs “Joanna ”
Kevin Eade “Doug ”
Rosy Frier-Dryden “Rosalind ”
Tina Marie-Springham “Suzanne ”
Festival Status: Winner, First Feature Film, Best Director Feature Film, Best Supporting Actress Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor Feature Film.

Director Biography!
Logan Mitev is a Writer, Director, and Actor from Yellowknife, NT. He started out making theatre in northern Canada and has received training in Stratford, New York, and a BFA from The University of Victoria. He enjoys a career on both stage and screen and strives to make a lasting impact on his audiences. He lives with his wife and two kids in Vancouver, BC.


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