Pride Jewel

A father and the son arrives in the San Francisco bay area, after
an earthquake left their small town in Armenia.
Angry and bitter over his father’s complicated infidelity, Andre
quickly gets involved with a group of violent jewel thieves
led by his father’s boyhood rival, Cyrus. The group plans to
rob an unlikely target — if they can just pull it off.
Revenge is the only way out and redemption is nowhere to
be found.
Director: Doug Tomsen
Writer: Armen Dilanchian
Producer: Armen Dilanchian
Key Cast.
Jake Vincent “Cyrus”
Sarkis Bakalyan “Andre”
George Boudoures “George”
Aya Hoja “Sophia”
Rafat Hweih “Davit ”
Brian D. Cohen “George ”
Art Rockefeller “Alex”
Sebastian Godina “Eddy”
Michael Lederman “Detective Stark ”
Evan O’Hare “Alexander”
Meylis Owezow “Ivan”
Rachel Sanchez “Detective Sanchez”
David Ojakian “Groom”
Kristina Ayanian “Bride”
Jenifer Maclean “News Reporter ”
Erin Shields “Bridesmaid”
Adriana Palhares “Catering Manager ”
Megan Louise Thill “Camera Woman”
Adisorn Wannaviroj “Security Guard”
Derek Crowe “Clerk ”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Feature Film


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