Pink Puzzle

“Pink Puzzle” sheds light on the glittering world of Berlin’s fashion scene, in which selfishness and superficiality are the fuel of success. At the same time, however, it opens a door gap to the Berlin neighborhood milieu and the night scene. Against this background, we meet Cateline (28), a successful, self-confident, and charming woman from the fashion industry. As the owner of her own fashion label, her career as a fashion designer is entirely self-determined. A highly charismatic personality, her intelligence, and power of speech give her an almost superhuman appearance. As soon as she enters the room, she attracts the attention of men and women alike. We see the protagonist for the first time at a company celebration. In the course of the evening, Cateline decides to leave the event early. She wants to meet the man with whom she has had a relationship for some time and dive into Berlin nightlife with him (Samuel, 35) and his friends Matze (33) and Nishat (32). She’ll be found dead the next morning.

Festival Status: Winner, Best Actress Feature Film


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