Pat Walsh The Life…

Pat Walsh died on the 18th May 1921 following an altercation between the combined Flying Columns of Ned Aylward and Seán Hogan with British Military Forces at Tullaroan, Co. Kilkenny.
Pat was one of the driving forces in Kilkenny behind a cultural revival that was sweeping across Ireland. Indeed Pat typified a new breed of Irish Nationalist emerging from the ashes of 1916 Rising.
To this day Pat is fondly remembered in his local community and he has become one of the best known and most proudly commemorated of the Kilkenny Volunteers to die during the War of Independence in Kilkenny. This Documentary uncovers his life and explores the legacy of this Irish Revolutionary.

Michael Benson: Director
Liam O’Sullivan,Canice Hickey,Ben MacCaoilte, Michael Benson: Producer
Ben MacCaoilte: Presenter
Liam O’Sullivan: Researcher
Michael Benson, Michael Duggan: Camera
Pippa Kineen: Production Assistant
Sinead Hayes: Sound Assistant

Festival status: Winner> Best Cinematography Documentary Film


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