Oye Sunn…

This story is based on two friends. One friend is a farmer’s son and another is the landlord’s son. They play together, go to school together.
One day one gets to know that another is going away forever. Both are brokenhearted. One goes to a different country and becomes rich and another remains a poor farmer. After 22 years one gets to know that his friend is coming back. Het gets excited and thinks that he will share everything with him and starts planning for his arrival. But when he meets his friend, he sees a different person in him due to which he gets sad and broken. Something terrible happens with him after that due to which he plans to commit suicide.

Anoop Singh, Director
Aditya Rao Nuniwal, Writer
Pushpender Rao, Producer

Key Cast.
Himanshu Mishra “Raju”
Aryan Batra “Anil”
Anoop Singh “Raju”
Aditya Rao Nuniwal “Anil”
Prashant Singh “Santosh Sir”
Anshul Kumar “Rocky”
Jagdev singh “Rajveer Singh”
Shree Yadav “Hitesh Kumar”
Diwakar Singh “Rohtash”
Madan Lal “Madan Sir”
Jiten Sharma “Dhrampal”
Rajender “Mukesh”
Anju “Sunita”
Abhishek “Chintu”

Festival status: Winner, Best First Short Film.


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