My cruel friend

The song of the Latvian actress Karina Luchinina, written on the verses of Pushkin’s contemporary – the hussar and poet – Denis Davydov.
The beauty of the syllable can be seen less and less in contemporary musical art, but the poetry of Denis Davydov is extremely modern and pleasing to the ear. So why not give it a modern sound?
The premiere of the song in an acoustic version took place in 2004 as part of the “Russian Geniuses” project commissioned by the Russian consulate of Latvia. And only in 2020, it was professionally recorded in the studio of the city of Riga, and a music video was shot in the old town of Tallinn. A musical group from Estonia “Bacalao Fabuloso” also took part in the recording of the song and in the filming of the video.
This is the debut work of actress Karina Luchinina as director and producer of the music video. The video was filmed in the historical part of Tallinn in the summer of 2020 in the oldest Dominican monastery in Estonia and on the famous medieval street Katarina käik.
In the costumes and details of the props, you can catch not only the breath of the past but also the symbols of the two Baltic countries.
The video contains a lot of unsaid and elusive, symbolic and philosophical. Everyone can see and feel something of their own.
Directors: Karina Luchinina
Writer: Denis Davydov, Karina Luchinina,
Producers: Karina Luchinina
Key Cast
Karina Luchinina “Singer, Girl in the past, Gost girl”
Anton Golovko “The main character, Fellow in the past”


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