The Civil Rights Movement began with the words, written by Thomas Jefferson: “All Men are Created Equal.” It continued when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. moved Civil Rights forward in the 60s. Rodney King’s beating was captured on video and people took to the streets and in 2020, George Floyd’s murder also traveled around the world. This time, the entire globe experienced the Civil Rights Movement. One man received the call and took his team to Minneapolis while the buildings were on fire. He stood up to the political powers that have within their grasp the power to change the rules and the outcomes. Civil Rights Leader, Joe Collins emerged from this tragic event with a list of demands, and with millions of people behind him, the politicians made historic changes that are recorded in the books of the Civil Rights Struggle. “Minnesota! The Modern-Day Selma,” chronicles this chapter of the fight for justice and equality. The Civil Rights Baton has been passed to a new generation.
Director: Michael Douglas Carlin
Writer: Michael Douglas Carlin
Producer: Omar Bradley, Michael Meyer
Festival Status: Winner, Feature Documentary


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