Mary Tyler, Millennial

Mary Tyler, Millennial is a horror-comedy about our current past, present, and future. New to Los Angeles, Mary Tyler takes a job at a mysterious startup called DajaVue, which begins to warp her reality in strange and unsettling ways. Izabella Watson is the youngest CEO in America, and her amazing, fantastical yet unproven device, The DaJa, is poised to take over the tech world. The possessed baby of Office Space and The Shining, MTM explores aspects of corporate titan worship, influencer culture, unhealthy obsessions with the next big thing, and the powerful, dangerous pull of American cults of personality.
Director: David Schrader
Writer: David Schrader
Producer: Karen Headings, Matt Friedberg
Key Cast
Mary Ryan  “Mary Tyler”
Lucy Blehar  “Izabella Watson”
Sarah Moliski  “Shelly”
Brigid Marshall  “Constance”
Kari Lee Cartwright  “Sheera”
Sabrina Hill “Malvina”
Victoria Allen “Donna”
Damian Joseph Quinn “Lukas”
J. Anthony McCarthy “Serg”
Tom O’Connor “Richard Kroft”
Karen Forman “Margaret Q.”
Jenny Noa “Mom Tyler”
Greg Santos “Rich Ramirez”
Jack Shulruff “Gary Ridgeway”
Bennett Jones “Carlton Ford”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Comedy, Best Director Feature Film.


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