Lungs feat. Drowsy

Reminiscent of horror, through an aesthetic of 1960s film, “Lungs” is a peacefully haunting music video that exposes issues of loneliness and mental health.
A young girl lives in a small house by herself and spends her days alone, playing with her dollhouse and typing on her typewriter. The time feels slow until a male character appears in the house. He never quite interacts with the girl, yet haunts her every move, acting like a life-less doll around her. The male character was created to represent people of the past that we inevitably lose as life moves on. These people can still somehow haunt us. We feel them around us and we often hold onto the pressure of satisfying them and getting their approval even though they are no longer around. The story evolves and the lights suddenly start flickering. The whole place starts to shake, imitating the event of an earthquake. This represents the episodes that might be triggered when someone is dealing with loss or any traumatic experience, whether in the form of PTSD or a panic attack.
Festival Status: Winner
Best Female Model Music Video


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