Lunarcode: Parasite

In a galaxy far far away… or actually in this galaxy. We find the members of Lunarcode amidst a mad physician alien life form, coming to make in mark on mankind. Among other test subjects, Vincenzo, Ronny, and Jason play for freedom from the restraints of this alternate reality. Is it even real?
Director: Vincenzo Carubia, Jessica Gillette
Writer: Vincenzo Carubia, Ronny Minuche
Producer: Vincenzo Carubia, Ronny Minuche, Eduardo Zamora, Jason Booth.
Key Cast.
Vincenzo Carubia “Vocalist / Lyrics” Heartbreak, The Source series
Ronny Minuche “Guitarist / Composer”
Jason Booth “Drummer”
Jessica Gillette “Mad Physician”
Kurt Samborski “Patient Zero”
Arlene Parness “Arlene / Patient X”
Payton Murillo “Choreographer / Space Victim Dancer”
Rachel Walton “Space Victim Dancer”
Frank Soares “Space Victim Dancer”
Deonna Leigh “Space Victim Dancer”
Melissa Barrow “Space Victim Dancer”
Mizuki Sako “Space Victim Dancer”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Cinematography Music Video


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