Josh, a 44-year-old ex-military man, lives with his wife, Lizz, 40 years old. They have been persecuted for a long time by gangs and gangs in the city, seeking to recruit Josh for his useful training for their criminal purposes.
Director: Adriana Andrea Morey.
Writer: Adriana Andrea Morey.
Producer: Felipe Eduardo Sixto.
Key Cast
Juan Esteban Silva Vivas “Mateo”
Felipe Sixto “Josh”
Andrea Morey “Lizz”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Actor Short Film.

Director Biography!
Adriana Andrea Morey
Writer, Director, and Actress, winner of several Independent Film Festivals, in different categories, among which are: Best Female Filmmaker at Sweden Film Awards, Best Prestige Actress at Vegas Movie Awards, Best Actress at Europe Film Festival, Best Female Filmmaker at Uruvatti International Film Festival, Best Actress at Kolkata International Film Festival, received in the year 2021.
Master in Film and Television Production, She also develops as a Therapist with studies in Clinical Neuropsychology, Music Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy, using the arts in general as therapeutic treatment, with great versatility for writing and performing arts from a young age and influenced by great Latin artists with whom he grew up and has worked throughout his life.


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