Longing for Áhkká

In 1921, the first Swedish documented expedition to summit the highest peak on Áhkká during winter took place. Legendary nature photographer Borg Mesch led an expedition and among the participants was a young local man named Arthur Thelin. Their adventure was well documented through Borg’s camera and Arthur’s pen, as he wrote a journal during the eventful days in this untamed nature in Lapland, the most northern part of Sweden.
Director: Gustav Cavallin, Jens Nilsson
Writer: Gustav Cavallin, Jens Nilsson
Producer: Johanna Lindborg
Key Cast
Magnus Granér
Festival Status: Winner, Best Feature Documentary.

Director Biography!
Gustav Cavallin, Jens Nilsson
Gustav Cavallin & Jens Nilsson have collaborated on film projects since they were in high school studying space engineering. They started out making ski edits that became appreciated around the world.
Brands recognized their talent and enabled them to travel the world and keep creating their films. India Kash, Interpretation, Is There Time For Matching Socks, and now their most ambitious project – Longing for Áhkká.
Today they are based in Stockholm working with their own production company The Bunch. In 2021 Sweden’s most praised film director and twice Palme d’Or winner Ruben Östlund saw their potential and is now their personal mentor.


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