La Loi De Murphy

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. During a drinking party, a young prankster has fun demonstrating that the world is now subject to this pessimistic theory. What if he had poured a little hallucinogenic drug into one of the drinks, what would you bet on? A happy ending or a tragedy?

Jérémy Brondoni Director
Jérémy Brondoni Writer
Nahel Charif Key Cast “Le murphiste”
Manon Tessier Key Cast “Sue Ellen”
Marie Perreau Key Cast“Marianne”
Jean-Baptiste Lamour Key Cast “Le relou”
Prisca de Montbel Key Cast “La danseuse”
Jacques Auger Key Cast “Le blanc bec”
Charline Loiseau Key Cast “La photographe”
Yanis Coulon Key Cast “Le roi du bière pong”
Périne Lechartier Key Cast “Mickey Mouse”
Loïc Genet Key Cast “L’arbitre”La selfille
Yann Tribolle Director of photography

Festival Status: Winner  Super Short Film, Best Director Super Short Film.


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