A teacher is being followed by an ill-intentioned man on a drunken walk; an army veteran on drugs witnesses an attempted rape and acts to intervene. Their fates are brought together, all while hallucinating and exploring the various realms of time, existence, and possibilities. Life is a game: if you win, you lose.
L0SS is a lyrical experiment on choices, identity, mental health, and existentialism; a hard-to-decipher, enigmatic, surrealist, provoking short drama film serving as a metaphor for all of life’s complexities, especially the darker ones.
Mirko G. Rauso Director
Mirko G. Rauso Writer
Mirko G. Rauso Producer
Antonella Sciberras Key Cast “Mia”
Sandro Attard Key Cast “Isaac”
Glen Field Key Cast “The Maniac”
Samantha C. Ellis Director of Photography
Festival status: Winner, Experimental Short Film.


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