The feeling of being alone with everybody written by Charles Bukowski was the main inspiration for this project.
That’s when we came across this aquarium in a marginal motel in downtown São Paulo. The fishes swimming in circles while all the people come and go in the hotel have a lot in common with our main character: Beauty, resiliency and dreams limited by glass walls.
Kinguio is a film about feeling alone, but relying on that feeling to find self-love and reach emotional maturity.
Director: Barbara Magri, Vicente França
Writer: Laura Zamboni
Producer: Barbara Magri, Vicente França
Key Cast
Iza Moreira
Festival Status: Winner, Best Cinematography Super Short Film.

Director Biography!
Barbara Magri, Vicente França
Bárbara Magri and Vicente França aka Raval are a duo of independent directors and photographers from São Paulo, Brazil who met for the passion of telling stories. And in the middle of the way, they also met in life when they signed a partnership in marriage too. The kind of thing only crazy people could do (or people who like a good story).


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