A film I have written and co-directed in celebration of the 450th year of the founding of Oton, a first-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Founded in 1572, Oton is considered the oldest town on Panay Island.
It is a rich colorful film showcasing the history of Oton thru music, dance, Arts, and theatre performance. …from the death of Datu Paiburong and the golden mask, pagan beliefs and rituals, the Advent of Christianity and Babaylan resistance, and various folk dances to modern dance. Katagman the movie has everything for you to enjoy!
Director: Ramon Castillanes Tenoso, Peter D Deocos
Writer: Ramon Castillanes Tenoso
Producer: Office of Municipality of Oton Ilo-ilon Province Philippines.
Key Cast
Elena Santander Acosta Salinas
Dax Derrreck E Samson
Festival Status: Winner, BestShort Documentary.


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