JajangMyeon Thank You.

Misook, who is born with paraplegia and a physical disability, is a disabled but extremely ordinary woman. Then one day, my computer broke down and I contact the welfare center to get it repaired. After a while, Nam Mingyu, a repairman, comes. To Mingyu, who is struggling, she recommends eating together, and the two sit face to face and eat jajangmyeon. The two get to know each other a lot and make a date appointment The two finally have their first date. The two of them go on a date in Daehak-ro. The purpose of the two is to move to Samgyeopsal together. However, they are cut at the entrance by their wicked owner. They quarreled with their owners and eventually turned away.
Then, he enters a small sushi restaurant in an electric wheelchair. The two were in a bad mood but still had good stories. A few days later, they drink beer at a pub You feel sincere feelings for each other when you are drunk, and after a second date, you become a relationship. After that, they’re…

Festival Status: Winner, Best Cinematography Short Film.


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