Indelible Lives

Mya, an impressionable 16-year-old girl discovers her sex appeal and how to make money from it, with the encouragement of her influential friend Jess. When her mother Rachel accidentally discovers Mya’s raunchy online account, they are faced with a breakdown of their relationship. Mya decides to rebel by attending a garden party with Jess – an expectant 18-year-old Toby tries to make advances towards her. After not receiving the reaction he was hoping for, Toby reveals to Mya a braless picture of herself that she had sent to him the night before. Toby attempts to force himself onto Mya, but she breaks free from his grasp and runs home. When Mya arrives home, she shares a moment of emotional embrace with Rachel after learning her lesson.
Director: Jasmine Capon
Writer: Jasmine Capon
Producer: Zachary Goldblatt
Key Cast.
Hannah Whitehouse “Mya”
Kelly Dendy “Rachel”
Fran St.Clair “Jess”
Jack Bass “Toby”
Joshua Vaughn “Jake”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Editing Short Film


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