If Corona Hadn’t..

The elderly couple, married for 57 years, arrived in Istanbul (Turkey) for an operation and a quick visit with their son. Before they got a chance to return back to their hometown, the Covid-19 outbreak was announced. While still in the shock of the outbreak news, a curfew for 3 months was imposed for those who were 65 and older. The couple was stuck in Istanbul with their son, turning into a claustrophobic nightmare lockdown in an 80 square meter house. Concern and uncertainty were increasingly affecting their mental health, punctuated by their daily quarrels and documented relentlessly by their son.

Zafer Sevener: DirectorTables of Istanbul
Sibel Sümer: DirectorTables of Istanbul
Zafer Sevener: Producer

Key Cast
Orhan Sevener “Baba”
Gönül SevenerKey “Anne”

Festival status: Winner> Best Covid-19 Film


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